Monday, 9 May 2016

Very Easy Idea to Label the Spice Containers!!

In Indian cooking, we have many spice powders in our kitchen and after filling our kitchen containers from the original packing, after some time we got confuse with which spice is this? Is it a chaat masala? or sambhar masala? or chana masala? 

The solution of this confusion is very simple that is label the container with the name of spice powder.

We have many ready made options to label this container. Some times I wrote with a permanent marker on the container  the name of the  spice powder. Or some times I follow the following method to label the container.

I cut the name of the spice (normally with brand name, so that I can decide in future whether I want to purchase the spice with the same brand or need to change it) from the original packing.

Take a broad cello tape and stick it on the container on the side you want to see when you open the cupboard.

Done!!!It helps me to find my spice powder quickly and easily :)

Hope it help to you too!!

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