Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Easy Macaroni Pasta!!!

Easy Macaroni Pasta

One of the favourite dish of my daughter :)


Ingredients: (I have taken all the ingredients without any measurements :-p)

* Macaroni
* Onion (Diced)
* Red, Green, Yellow Capsicum (Diced)
* Broccoli (Small Florets)
* Mushrooms (Sliced)
* Tomatoes (Big chunks)
* Tomato Puree
* Fresh Cream (I normally takes the malai from the milk and make it smooth by beating in a bowl) - A big heaped spoon will be enough
* Tomato Ketchup
* Salt
* Black Pepper
* Oregano
* Oil

The vegetables are optional according to the requirement or the availability. The more vegetables, more tastes good. 


1. Boil some water and add 1 spoon oil and some salt to it.

2. Add macaroni to the boiling water.

3. We need to stir the macaroni and keep check them to be cook. To check for the cooked macaroni, take one macaroni out from the boiling water and press it by your nail. If it got soften properly without any hardness, the macaroni is done.

4. Drain the water in a strainer and put the macaroni in cold water for a minute and then drain it again.

5. Now take 2-3 spoon of oil (recommended olive oil) in a pan and add vegetables (except broccoli) to the hot oil and saute them until they done (like you can find the change in colour of capsicums and onions).

6. Now add tomato puree to this. We need to make a gravy of that much amount, so that all the macaroni should be covered. So, we need enough quantity of tomato puree.

7.Now add the cream (malai) and 2 spoon ketchup. 

8. Now add salt, black pepper and oregano to this. If you need much spicy then you can add red chilli or red chilli flakes.

9. Add macaroni and broccoli and toss it gently.

We are done! Want to make it more delicious? Add grated mozzarella cheese. Ready to serve GARMA GARAM....

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Clothes We Wear...

Got a project from school to create a chart which should show the clothes we wear in different season..and this is a little effort from my side..

I used foam sheets and origami papers for clothes, cotton for snowman and plastic sheet for raincoat.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fun Time Puzzle

Now a days Yashasvi is learning about time in school.While surfing net for the activities and worksheets for Yashu, I found a very interesting puzzle which is used to practice abt time (or may be we can use it other topics also). 

I have created a sheet with clocks having different times and write their times in front of them. I have drawn some lines on sheet. 

I then cut them along the lines and some curves which are giving them a form of puzzle.

I mixed them and gave it to Yashu and told to solve the puzzle. It was a fun activity for her.

And I must say, she did it quite well with full concentration ;)

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A wonderful night out!!

We went for an outing with family and PO staff to 'Camp Wild' Pali village, Faridabad. It was the program of one night stay in Camp Wild resort.

Initially I was not aware about the place, schedule and program. But when I asked Ravi what is the special in that place, he told me that the resort is situated near Aravali mountains. It was a pleasant surprise for me, from the hectic life, one night stay in a resort near mountains that too so near from our place.

The view of resort was really amazing. We were feeling so amazed and relax there. But the weather was quite cold there. 

Yashu and Devansh were also happy but soon I realized that the place was not for kids :( as it was so windy and we felt that the weather is not suitable for kids. 

We all enjoyed a lot. There was lots of activities to do such as  rock climbing, tracking and so many games to play. 

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