Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A wonderful night out!!

We went for an outing with family and PO staff to 'Camp Wild' Pali village, Faridabad. It was the program of one night stay in Camp Wild resort.

Initially I was not aware about the place, schedule and program. But when I asked Ravi what is the special in that place, he told me that the resort is situated near Aravali mountains. It was a pleasant surprise for me, from the hectic life, one night stay in a resort near mountains that too so near from our place.

The view of resort was really amazing. We were feeling so amazed and relax there. But the weather was quite cold there. 

Yashu and Devansh were also happy but soon I realized that the place was not for kids :( as it was so windy and we felt that the weather is not suitable for kids. 

We all enjoyed a lot. There was lots of activities to do such as  rock climbing, tracking and so many games to play. 

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