Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Match the Colours Worksheet

Project Worksheets

One day when I was searching on the Internet for the extra practice worksheets for Yashu, I got an idea to create some worksheets according to the course given in Indian schools and share with the parents who are searching the worksheets like me. I have created some previously for class Nursery and K.G. But at the time of Devansh, I had to stop it. But now again I am trying to prepare worksheets again and now I am doing it for class Ist, as Yashu is now in the same class.

Here are some worksheets for class: Nursery, Subject: Colours

Friday, 21 November 2014

A Flinto box for Yashasvi...

I ordered a Flinto box for Yashasvi a few days before from www.flintobox.com.I received that yesterday. It costs rs 1095, After opening the box I felt that in comparison of number of Activities it is a little bit expensive. But I found it costs nothing in comparison of million dollar smile and happiness of Yashu. She was so excited to open the box and do the Activities. The topic of this month is 'The Veggie Champ'.A Flinto box can be find out on www.flintobox.com.

Devansh's First Diwali

Devansh 4 months!!!

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