Friday, 22 January 2016

Save Paper!! Save Trees!!! Save Earth!!!!

Do online shopping more often or got the paper circulars from your kid's school very often?? Don't throw the invoices or circulars without using the plain (without printed) side of the papers. Reuse them in the way you want. I did it in my way :)

Today morning I found many invoices in the empty packets of my recent online shopping and I found it quite difficult to throw them like that only.I got a quick idea.

  • I cut those papers into strips.
  • Stapled them together
  • Stapled a ribbon to make a loop so that I can easily hang that. 
  • And made a handy grocery list pad for my kitchen:) 

I hope you will also get some ideas to reuse the one side printed paper. Please share it with us.
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