Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Wonderful Day!!!

Yashasvi ne kal bahut zidd ki picnic par jaane ki...I asked to her, do u know what is picnic? She explained very well :) She said, "Maa, Picnic par hum ek Park mein jaate hain jahan par khoob saari green grass hoti hai. Phir vahan hum mat bichaate hain aur ghar se khaana bana kar le jaate hain..vahan mat par beth kar khaate hain aur play karte hain." I said "OK and what we should take to eat?" She said, "Maa, sandwich le kar jaayenge". In the morning, I made some sandwiches and Poha and packed them into a basket. She was quit excited that we are going to the Picnic. We went to the Indraprastha Park and started our picnic (as Yashu described ;) ).

We enjoyed a lot there. In every action, Yashasvi took the step forward,"Papa chalo mat beechaate hain..."

"Maa mein serve karoon?"

 We had a great time there. It was very refreshing from the daily routine and will look forward for more such kind of Activities.

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